Thursday, June 11, 2009

Advice On Green Field Trips

Eco-schools can offer many learning opportunities for students including taking a break from the grind and going on a field trip. Field trips stimulte student interest in learing and provide lasting memories. There is research that shows it also advances pro-environment attitudes in students.

Common environmental field trips include:

-Parks, forests and nature center-Zoos and aquariums
-Picnic areas, rivers, ponds and lakes
-recycling centers
-power plants
-water treatment facilities ...and more

To get good ideas on where to go for green field trips, the National Wildlife Federation can help. Visit NWF's Green Hour/Be Out There site and click on NatureFind. Another list of resources was developed for
For schools where fields trips are not possible there is an interesting guide for on-site, mini field trips by the National Science Teachers Association called: Ten Minute Field trips. You can preview it here. There is also useful information for home-schoolers.

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